Company Brief

OUM is a consultancy based in London with a full technical service team in Shanghai China, complimented by associate partners based in Singapore, Frankfurt and Cambridge UK. OUM prides itself on being able to produce outstanding concepts with highly effective spatial structure distinct for every architectural and urban project commissioned. This capability comes from OUM's unique expertise in design approach, researched and developed over many years in professional practice and in government-funded research projects led by the founder of OUM in Cambridge University UK and the National University of Singapore. OUM has a proven track record of excellence in architectural and urban design projects including winning of major competitions. *

Our Expertise

Often in architectural design, habitual and seemingly rational thinking blocks our seeing of reality (functional, cultural and contextural), leading to mediocre and ineffectual designs . Our design tool** helps us and our client to see this reality - especially its spatial implications - with no preconceived thinking, uncovering its complexity and surprises. Such "surprises" often make more practical sense while adding values to the project concerned. Our method further generates landscape strategy as an integral part of the design concept from the beginning – not as decorations later added on. And together with active client participation we can produce unbeatable architectural solutions to most briefs.

Our Service

Expert on Generating and Trouble Shooting Design Concepts: OUM produces high quality unique spatial strategy/concept that solves problems and add values to every architectural and urban design project it undertakes. Our service also includes trouble-shooting design problems  arising from concepts which are already created by other firms engaged by our client: we can make help such concepts effective in such a 3-way working arrangement.
Technical development/execution: for most project types, our Shanghai in-house team provides full technical services of design development. For working drawings we have collaboration arrangements with the major local Design Institutes.
Expertise backup: on areas such as sustainable planning/design, branding/corporate strategy, health planning is available if required by our client. This is through our permanent collaborating arrangement with a number of highly respected firms overseas, including CAR(Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd) and Edward Cullinans Architects in the UK, Omartis Consulting in Singapore, Dietz Architecten in Frankfurt (Health buildings).

* including a recent winning of the international competition for Zhengjiang Opera House, beating nine other top firms including GMP, Carlos Ott, MVRDV, Tsinghua DI, Tongji DI and Dongnan DI.
** Tactile Differentiation: An Aesthetic Tool for Critical Development of Architectural and Urban Design Concepts, CASA, also in Model Cities, Center for Policy Studies, National University of Singapore. Doctoral Thesis: Aesthetic Basis of Abstract Architecture, Cambridge University UK. Summary in Journal of Aesthetics, Tokyo University Press. 


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