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Yijing Plaza, Xi'an, Shanxi Prov.


This development consists of high and medium rise apartments as well as high class retail and office spaces. The challenge is how to avoid the high rise towers blocking the southerly aspects of the new city government offices to be built directly to the north of the site, which is almost inevitable. Our solution is to arrange the tower blocks so that they become the "pillars" of a "front court" expected of in (the southerly) front of an "imperial" complex.

该项目由中、高层公寓以及高档商业和办公楼组成。所面临的挑战是如何避 免高层塔楼直接对基地北侧即将建成的新城区政府办公楼南面的遮挡,而这 种遮挡几乎是不可避免的。我们的解决方案是将塔楼安排成宏大综合体(南 面)面前的一个“前庭”的排柱。