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Hongjie Plaza Concept Design, Hangzhou

总建筑面积: 76,500万㎡

Adjacent to the new Hangzhou East Station, this program is for serviced apartments above a retail and entertainment plaza. The plaza arrangement is configured to bring in customers and to interconnect with the existing internal shopping streets to the north.The compact apartments are between 37 and 45 sqm each. The innovative plan allows natural light, view and air into the internal living area - which is not normally achieved in similarly sized apartments. This plan naturally led to the striking vertically curved-stripped facade.

该基地毗邻新杭州东站,计划在商业及娱乐广场上开发成服务性公寓。广场 的安排以吸引顾客和与北面现有的商业内街互连。紧凑型公寓每个户型面积 在37到45平方米之间。规划的创新在于让自然光线,景观和空气进入内部的 居住空间-这通常在同样大小公寓很难达到这样的效果。这样的空间安排在 立面上自然地产生出了在竖向上具有雕塑感的曲面幕墙。