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Serviced Apartments and Commercial Retail and Office Spaces, Chengdu,China.


This project consists of grafting of a new facade on to a pre-existing plan that the developer had already commissioned. This new facade is conceived by teasing out the contrasting spatial nature of different parts of the internal plan and allowing this contrast to be expressed as facade elements, creating a facade which is not flat but "3-dimensional".

本项目将新的幕墙结合到一个预先存在并获发展商已认可的方案之上。所构 想新的幕墙梳理出了内部平面的不同部分空间性质的对比,并将这种对比用 幕墙的元素表达出来,这样创造出了一个非平面的而是具有“三维” 概念的 幕墙。