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Center for Trading of Minerals and Machine Tools,Wuxi


This urban project is structured by a large green space pointing south towards the old town center, as well as acknowledging important vistas from the surrounding rivers and main access roads.There are 3 main parts:high rise hotel and office towers adjacent to the main access road,leisure and retail units facing the river walk with residential space above. The main trading and exhibition spaces are designed as flexible units around individual courts.

本概念力求创造一个大型的指向南面老城中心区的绿地为主,并利用周围的 河流和主要道路节点形成景观视线。该项目由3个主要部分构成:高层酒店 及毗邻主要道路的办公大楼,临河步行街与住宅空间上为康乐及零售商业, 主要交易及展览空间灵活地围绕着每个庭院进行设计。