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Concept for Future High Density Urban Design, Singapore


This design allows low rise residential buildings with their own green outdoor spaces to be built to high density, while being next to ample business and public services expected of in city centres. It deploys a raised mega-frame structure, which at once becomes the "ground" for the low rise houses above, and the servicing grid for the public and business functions below. "Transport Tubes" connect the residences directly to the offices below. Openings are formed at strategic locations on the frame to form entrances into the residential "plateau" and to allow in light and air for the urban spaces below. Studies commissioned by the Urban Development Authority of Singapore.

本设计允许高密度低层住宅楼有自己的绿色户外空间,同时其附近有大量的 城市中心商业和公共服务设施。它提出了一个大的升起来的框架结构来支持 上述高密度低层住宅的地面,并为下层公共和商业功能提供服务网格。连接 住宅的“交通通道”直接通向下面的办公楼。在住宅框架从下到上的入口处 形成的开敞空间将光和空气引入到下面的城市空间。项目研究由新加坡城市 发展局委托。