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Concept Design for Futai Plaza Residential Development, Changsa, Hunan Prov.


The site of the former Hunan Computer Institute is naturally terraced at12 meters between the lowest and highest points, as well as being full of mature vegetation. Our winning scheme builds on the existing topography and vegetation which are integrated into the landscaping and car parking strategy. The layout consists of a linear walk lined with high rise point-blocks (acting as sign-posts sculptures), merging with which along the way are three landscaped courts enclosed by lower slab blocks. Design contract awarded through being winner in invited competition.

该基地位于前湖南计算机研究所,场地是最低点和最高点之间高差在12米内 的自然坡地,且长满了成熟的植被。我们获胜的方案建立在对现状地形和植 被的分析之上,并使之融入到景观和停车场规划中。布局由线性排列的点式 高层(作为标志性的雕塑)、结合了较低的板式建筑围合成的三个景观庭院 组成。本项目通过邀请参赛获胜赢得设计合同。