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Concept Design for Changsa Juzhou Bay Residential Development


The site is on a hilly area (30 meters between lowest and highest point) with the magnificent view of the Xiangjiang River, the highest part is reserved for use as a park and not for building. This un-build-able area is counted as part of the site leading to exceptionally high density for the build-able area. High-rise point-blocks are arranged to the west so that they all have a direct view of the river, while lower slab-blocks are placed to the west, each having its own landscaped gardens. Sky-walks with scenic views link the individual point-blocks to the hill top park.

该项目基地位于湘江畔风景优美的丘陵地带(场地最低点与最高点相差30米)。 场地最高部分作为预留的公园用地。该非建筑区要求计入场地指标导致建筑 区的容积率异常高。高层点式住宅置于场地西侧以使每幢均有直接的沿河景 观,而低层板式住宅被安置在场地西侧,每一幢均有其自己的景观庭院。观 景天桥将每栋点式高层与山顶的公园连接起来。