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Olympic Garden Residential Development, Lianyungang


This high rise residential development of 110,000sqm based on the theme of sport, the developer being China Olympic Development Co. The layout and landscaping develops this theme with a‘Sporting’ Club House at the centre, forming the entrance as well as being moulded into the ground, becoming a symbolic "landscape sculpture". Contract completed 2004.

该11万平米的高层住宅区以运动为主题,开发商是中国奥林匹克发展公司, 布局和景观上均深化这一运动主题,在小区中心有“运动”俱乐部之家形成 入口,与场地充分地融为一体,成为一个象征性的“景观雕塑”。合同于 2004年完成。