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Hill-top luxury Apartments and Club House Complex in Dameisha, Shenzhen


The site is on a hill crop with an exceptional commanding view of the sea. The brief demanded dealing with half-constructed structures of a previous design which had many problems: spoiling the sensitive landscape by protruding outwards, excavation having left ugly scars on the hill crop, no provisions at all for car parks etc. Our concept turns the carved hill crop into a giant "sculpture" with "floating" pavilions on top looking towards the sky. A 3-storey indoor car park is designed as part of the hill side. Landscape strategy deploys small water streams and falls, integrated with nature walks and rock placement found in Chinese landscape paintings. Awarded price as one of one of ten most Luxurious residential development in China in 2005. Concept Design Consultant to Archurban Design and Management Ltd Singapore and Shenzhen China.

场地位于能将海景一览无余的山头。设计要求处理先前处于半完成结构状 态且设计上有着诸多问题:因外伸破坏了敏感的景观;开挖后山头上留下 了丑陋的“疤痕”;根本没有考虑停车场等。我们的概念是把已破坏的山 体雕刻成一个巨大的“雕塑”,同时将山顶上伸出来的建筑对着天空使其 具有“浮动”的感觉。一个3层高的室内停车场设计为山体的一部分。景 观规划用中国山水画的手法疏开了小的溪流和瀑布,使自然的步道和岩石 能与之融合。项目被列为2005年中国十大顶级的豪宅之一。OUM作为新加 坡雅克本(深圳)设计和管理有限公司的概念设计顾问。