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East Holly Valley, Shenzhen, China


Located in a hilly area on the outskirt of Shenzhen, with a difference in level of about 80 meters between the lowest and highest points in the site, this high-rise residential project works along, and benefits from, this steep topography rather than levelling the slops. Raised terraces for communal usage combined with covered car parking are blended into the slops. High rise blocks are detached from each other but linked by sky gardens to maximize the benefit from the natural wind flow and view. Extensive engineering works carried out on earth retention and flash flood prevention. Contract completed 2005.

项目坐落在深圳城郊的丘陵地带上,场地最低和最高处有大约80米的高差。 该高层住宅工程充分利用地形,顺势而为以减少土石方工程量。升起的台地 与停车场结合,使之融入到地形山势之中。虽然每栋高层建筑之间相互脱离, 但由空中花园相联接,以使住户能最大限度地享受到流动的自然风和景观。 扩展的工程担负着保护土地及防洪的功能。合同完成于2005年。