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Lianyungang Pearl of Orient Development,Jiangsu,China


The Spatial Strategy of this mixed housing development consists of two main parts. Firstly three visual axis pointing at the peak of Huaguoshan forming three critical longitudinal green spaces stretching east-west across each of the three land parcels. This brings the mountain view into the heart of the site and provides the ideal spaces for the main entrances to the site. Secondly it creates a linear system of waterways and green spaces linking the three land parcels with each other and with the main existing river systems adjacent to the site, so that all buildings equally enjoy the green and natural spaces in the whole site.Winner of National Competition in China, organized by Developer Kaijieli Incor.

本混合居住区的空间规划由两个主要空间主题构成.首先三个指向花果山顶 的视觉轴线点形成了三个纵向的东西绿化延伸带。这使山体景观融入了场地 的景观视线中,并为场地主入口提供了理想的空间。第二主题用一个线性的 水系统和绿化空间来将三个景观区及现状河道系统都连接起来,使整个场地 中所有的建筑都能同样享受绿色和自然的空间。获得国际竞赛第一名并由凯 捷利房地产集团委托。