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Pedestrian-ised Retail and Entertainment District, Taizhou, Zhejiang Prov.


This conceptual urban design attempts to address to issues pertinent to this site at the central district of Taizhou: the severe lack of parking spaces for the traffic in the main street to the south, the important presence of the hills to the north. A raised pedestrian precinct forms car parking spaces below, becoming terraced to connect with the hill at the main entrance point. The precinct is opened at strategic locations to connect with the lower level car parking spaces.

这一城市设计的概念是试图解决台州城市中心的地块的问题:(1)如何解 决南面主要街道严重缺乏停车空间的问题,(2)怎样表达北面那座重要山 的存在。方案将行人步行专用区提升起来,下面作为停车场,而在与山靠近 的地方以梯地的形式连到主入口处。该专用区在与较低的停车场位置连接处 的空间是开放的。