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Commercial (retail and office) development, Taicang, Jiangsu Prov.


The brief is to regenerate a site adjacent to a newly constructed complex of motor retail trade, into a vibrant down town shopping/office area. Our urban design concept enhances the commercial viability of the site by means of selective infiltration for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, enhanced visibility of the whole complex at entry points, and maximizing retail frontages by fragmenting plan configurations. Collaboration with Shanghai Gaoyi Architectural Design Co. Project awarded through invited competition.

本案是要在毗邻新建成的汽车零售贸易区地块内再建成一个充满活力的市中 心购物中心与办公室区。我们的设计概念是通过为人行和车行交通选择性渗 透的方式提高场地商业的可行性,强化入口处整个综合体的可识别性,并通 过平面功能的分散配置,最大限度地创造商业临街面。合作单位:上海高义 建筑设计有限公司。项目获得招标竞赛第一名。