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Shopping Centre and Plaza, 1st Prize in Invited Competition


This design is generated by bringing out the potential of the site context on the one hand and the use of the most commercially viable retail space planning on the other hand. Pedestrian/ vehicular accesses determine the direction and porosity of the plan, while the low height restraint leads to the breaking up of the building volumes to create form variety. Firstly the internal layout uses the most proven economic plan allowing maximum visibility for all internal individual retail units and without dead end corridors, Secondly the advertisement 'wall' concept addresses the urban spaces as well as increasing the profit potential of the scheme.

本设计一方面充分发掘出场地潜在的价值,另一方面规划充分考虑了商业零 售空间的可达性以达到对业主最有利的安排。车行和人行通道决定了商业体 打开的方向,而高度的限制导致了建筑体量不可能突破,因此方案必须创造 多变的空间进行适应。零售空间的处理:(1)内部的布局依据最有效的、经 济价值最大化的原则,最大限度地使各个零售单元能够在视线上与入口相连 而避免出现商业死角;(2)用广告“墙”的概念,创造出丰富的城市空间, 同时提升了项目的潜在价值。