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Wuxi Office Tower with Specialised Retail Spaces


Project for prime office spaces with high end retail spaces and service apartments in the new financial/government centre. The building exploits the contextual features provided in the master plan by GMP of Germany: the building skin peels open to receive the best view of the site towards the central lake, forming sky gardens and social spaces; the shape of the retail spaces within the podium are formed by the inward flow from predetermined entry points. Double height entry spaces are designed into the individual office floors to provide a sense of grandeur even at the higher floors.

项目坐落于无太湖新城金融及行政中心的带有高档商业空间及服务性公寓的 办公区,建筑利用德国GMP所做的总体规划的特点,将建筑外皮对着湖中心 部分打开以使其有极佳的景观视线,形成该建筑的空中花园和公共空间;裙 房内高档商业空间的形态根据从预设的人流切入点导入而形成。上层办公室 入口层高按两倍的高度设计,办公空间极具个性化。从而使其有庄严和雄伟 之感。