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Fudan University Tumors Hospital,Shanghai,China.

项目规模:90,000㎡ 800床位

Redevelopment of the existing tumors hospital site: Retaining a 24 storey treatment block while providing new spaces for intensive treatment and research department, inpatient wards and outpatients department.The concept develops (1) the busy outpatients waiting area contributing to the liveliness of the street, (2) separating out of the heavy-serviced areas to provide a clean and naturally landscaped environment as the main internal recreation space, which being directly visible from the street also gives the urban pedestrians a sense of nearness to nature. Collaborator Shanghai JH Architects and Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co Ltd.

此项目在现有的肿瘤医院上重建:保留一个24层高的诊疗大楼,同时为急 诊部、研究部、住院病房和门诊部提供新的空间。概念包含:( 1 )繁忙的 门诊等候区为街区带来了人气;( 2 )将重型设备服务区域分隔开来,以提 供一个干净和自然环境优美的内部的休憩空间,它可以直接将街区人流视线 导入给人有贴近自然的感觉。合作单位:上海JH建筑事务所和上海现代建 筑设计研究院。