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Center for China-Austria Technological Innovation and Collaboration, Vienna, Austria.


Situated just north of the River Danube,this head quarter complex consist of office /laboratories, administration offices, a 5-star hotel,conference facilities. The design consists of a public south-facing front court and inner court which serves the hotel and offices.The office com-lab spaces are modular units each having 3 components: a double height library/discussion room, a wet cell and a flexible general office space. Project commissioned by Shanghai Jiapin Real Estate Development Co.

项目位于多瑙河北岸,本总部综合体由办公楼(实验室、管理办公室),五 星级酒店,会议中心组成。设计考虑了一个公共的南向前庭和为酒店与办公 服务的内庭。办公/实验室空间由模块化的单元构成,每个模块单元由三部 分组成:两层高的图书馆/讨论室,湿区和可变动的办公空间。项目由上海 嘉频房地产开发公司委托。