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Medical Research Centre,King Saud University,Riyadh,SaudiArabia.


As an extension to the existing medical department of the university,the new building houses the Administation,Research and Outpatients departments.The concept creates an internal "street",which integrates the three departments while allowing the public clear access.The plan also deals with complex services requirements including the conflict between the easy access by ambulances and the placement of Nuclear Magnetic Resource facility.Collaborator Omrania Architects London.

作为现有大学医学部的一个扩展,新建建筑包含了行政、研究和门诊部门。 我们以内街的概念,整合了三个部门同时有一个清晰的公共入口。该规划还 涉及一些复杂的功能安排:包括解决救护车方便的进入及核磁共振设施之间 的冲突等服务需求。合作者:伦敦Omrania建筑师事务所。