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City of Esch-on-Alzette Hospital,Germany

项目规模:30.000㎡ 420床位

The design creates a general hospital with a local flavour. The original classical building is retained as the public face of the hospital facing the main street and housing the administration and outpatients departments. Behind the classical block are treatment departments and wards. The use of colours and shapes for these new built volumes are deliberately playful and made to look informal, so as to blend in with the immediate surrounding which consist mainly of traditional terraced houses and villas.Collaborator Novotny Architects, Offenbach, Germany.

设计创造了一个符合当地特色的综合医院。原来面临主要街道和保留的古典 建筑作为医院公共部位的管理和门诊部们。古典建筑背后作为治疗部门和住 院部。对新建建筑颜色与外观的运用,使之看起来既慎重而又有愉悦且无拘 束之感,以便能与周边传统的联排别墅环境适时融合。合作者:德国奥芬巴 赫Novotny 建筑师事务所。