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Urban Planning proposal Anqing, Anhui Prov


Urban Design Strategy incorporating residential, recreational, retail and civic segments, in order to extend and upgrade the existing part of the town of Anqing. The strategy attempts on the one hand to sensitively integrate the existing into the new, and on the other hand to enhance and add value to the land - for example the higher-end housing estates are directly linked to the financial district by landscaping spaces.

城市设计战略包含住宅、休闲娱乐、商业和公共部分。目的是将安庆现有城 镇拓展和提升。本方案一方面试图将现有城镇谨慎地融入到新城,另一方面 加强和提升土地价值—例如高档住宅社区通过景观空间直接连到金融区。