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Yiwu Residential and Vacationing Parkland Areas, China.


Situated in the hilly area south of the city of Yiwu, the planning concept covers part of an important tourism district. Detail studies were made of the natural topography of the entire area and locations of scenic beauty were identified. The plan provides facilities for commerce, entertainment, sports, technological innovation exhibition areas, combined with villa clusters and a golf course, all intimately integrated into the hills and water courses.

项目坐落在义乌市南侧的丘陵地区内,其规划概念涵盖了重要旅游区的各部 分。该项目具体研究了整个地区的自然地形,及优美景观的节点的确定。该 规划提供了商业设施、娱乐、运动、技术创新展示区及别墅群和一个高尔夫 球场,所有这些均紧密地融入到山水之中。