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Pudong Airport New Town, Shanghai, China


Detail studies were made of the historical development of this whole area, in particular its agricultural conditions and state of habitation up to now, as well as traffic conditions and projections for the future. A planning proposal was made based primarily on the theme of gradual evolution from agricultural to commercial/light industrial land use, incorporating a new transport system. Project won through competition.

该项目详细研究了该整个区域的历史发展,特别是它的农业条件,和到现在的居住状态,及其交通条件和 未来的辐射影响。本规划建议主要基于由农业到商业/轻工业园地的逐步演变的主题。并合并一个新的运 输系统而产生。赢得浦东机场管理局组织的国际招标竞赛。