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Orchard Road Improvement, Singapore


Orchard Road is one of the prime commercial street in Downtown Singapore. A major problem it has is in being a traffic thorough fare form suburbs to downtown, and suffering the lack of space for any further development. Detail studies were made of the street’s historical and commercial evolution to identify its future potential. A flexible mega-frame structure concept is devised which develops the commercial activities above the existing traffic-dominated road, sieves out retail activities from existing buildings and creates a tropical hanging garden city with much enhanced environmental qualities. Project commissioned by the Tourism Authority Singapore and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore.

奥查德路是新加坡市区的一条重要的商业街,它主要的问题在于它的功能作 用是一个从郊区到市中心的交通通道。同时它的空间也缺乏可进一步发展的 余地。街道的历史和商业的演变组成了我们的详细研究,这样的研究使我们 可以确定其本来的潜能。本方案在现有的繁忙的道路上创造一个灵活的大型 框架结构以发挥其商业街的潜力,从现有建筑中筛选出充满活力的零售业以 创建一个热带花园城市,并大大提高环境质量。